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The primary purpose of the Environmental Law Association (FELA) is to promote the sustainable management of natural resources through law. FELA was formed with the support and assistance of the Oceania Office of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a result of concerns that many in the legal community had about the apparent lack of general awareness on issues pertaining to the environment. Despite Fiji having a wide range of environmental laws, it was generally accepted that many were neither effectively implemented nor enforced. FELA seeks to remedy this shortcoming.


GEPP : a Platform for Environmental, Social and Economic Debate and Training

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Fiji Ports Corporation Limited is ready to embark on a costly journey to remove 25 vessels submerged in the Suva Harbour.

Normally removing a fishing vessel costs the authority $25,000.00, but at times this figure can increase because the cost of removing a sunken ship depends on the size of the vessel.


JAPAN'S decision to send a whaling fleet into the Pacific for "scientific research" faces strong opposition in the region. Whale advocates in the Pacific, including Fiji, said the move was not justified after a court ruling by the International Court of Justice last month banned the Japanese fleets from whaling off Antarctica because Japan was whaling commercially, not for scientific reasons as it had previously claimed.



A proposal was submitted by Trans-Tasman Resources Limited to excavate iron sand from the seabed of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in South Taranaki Bight, NZ. The application was heard and determined by a Decision-making Committee (DMC) appointed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) pursuant to the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Act 2012. The proposal was refused upon first application.


Saint marcellin primary

FELA held a Waste Management Awareness program at Saint Marcellin Primary School on the16th of July,2014 before a crowd of over 200 students and their respective teachers. An invitation was extended to our partner the Suva City Council as well as Coca Cola Amatil and Gracetryfem to present and demonstrate the services they provide that assist with waste management in schools. FELA would like to thank the facilitators for responding to our invitation as well as to Saint Marcellin for their warm reception. 


FELA along with its partner the Suva City Council were invited to The Learning Centre at Matanitobua Street, Samabula on 08th September, 2014 to talk about waste management to its students. FELA officers were treated to a warm reception of song and were encouraged by the depth of understanding shown by the students during impromptu question and answer sessions. FELA would like to thank the faculty and students of The Learning Centre for their participation and extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the invitation by Head Teacher, Mr. Henry Tui Elder and Deputy Head Teacher Mr. Michael Koroi.

deep sea mining technique a threat to the pacific

Australian mining company "Nautilus" has attained a license for exploration for Solwara 1, a site on the Bismark sea floor on the coast of Papua New Guinea.Main deposits found on this sea floor are copper, gold and silver and the new method they intend to use is called deep sea mining.

With increasing recognition and demand for FELA’s services, we have relocated to a new office.  With additional office space we hope to provide a more conducive working environment for our growing staff and promote the efficient delivery of our services.

We are now located at 22 Dhanji Street, Samabula effective today, 1st September 2014.

Please take note of the changes to our mailing address below, however, other contact details including our telephone, facsimile and email addresses remain unchanged.

As a valued member and friend of FELA, we thank you for taking the time to update your records and look forward to serving you at our new office.


Dear FELA members and friends,

Please be advised that as per FELA Board decision dated 9/9/2014,membership fees have changed.Effective as of 1st October 2014, individual member fees have increased from $10.00 to $30.00. The $5.00 student fee remain unchanged.*

Should you have any queries or require more information, feel free to contact us on 3300122 or email:

*Students must produce identification to enjoy student rates.

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"Every environmental law, policy and regulation- both at the national and international level – is only as strong as its actual implementation.  If compliance and enforcement of environmental requirements are lacking, the environment and health of our people is put at risk. Collaboration between law enforcement disciplines at all levels is essential to ensure that laws provide effective protection of public health and the environment.”
Catherine McCabe (INECE)
FELA in collaboration with the Department of Environment hosted a series of legal training programs in Suva and Lautoka entitled “Environment Impact Assessments: Improving Public Participation and Decision Making for Coastal Developments in the Provinces”. The Suva program ran from 27th-28th October, 2014 at the Holiday Inn, and the Lautoka Program ran from 11th-13th November,2014 at the Tanoa Waterfront Hotel. 

Following 6 years of dedication and service as Chairman of the (Fiji) Environment Law Association (FELA), FELA takes this opportunity to  thank and farewell James Sloan who has departed our shores for a year in the United Kingdom.

James has played an instrumental role in FELA's development through the years and it has indeed been a privilege working under his leadership.James we wish you the very best in the coming months and look forward to your continued support as a member of the Executive Committee despite your absence from Fiji.Vice Chairman Nick Barnes will act as Chairman in the interim.

epa refuses consent to seabed mining

epa refuses consent to seabed mining in chatham rise, nz

epa  seabed mining decision a "victory for good science"

11th February 2015

The decision by New Zealand's EPA to refuse consent for a bid to mine phosphate from the Chatham Rise's deeap sea bed is logical, wise, and a victory for good science, and a vindication of all the concerns raised by the groups in the hearing, say environmental groups who opposed the scheme.